Professional B2B Marketing Services

B2B Integrated Marketing & New Media Services Provider; Consultant

Strategic Marketing Consultant

Angela Strosnider has passionately provided consulting services to organizations and agencies for more than 16 years. Her unique emphasis on creating value through strategic marketing initiatives has led to many successful campaigns for clients throughout North America.

A proven leader of creative development and execution, Ms. Strosnider has personally worked on hundreds of consumer and business market projects. Her work has crossed many marketing disciplines, and currently focuses almost exclusively on marketing communications. Services that often surround marketing communications can include: integrated marketing strategies, media relations, content generation, social media, events/trade shows/tours, internet marketing, e-marketing, and public relations.

Angela’s B2B experience widely covers the industrial, commercial and municipal markets. She has worked on industry-specific campaigns in the education, green-tech, real estate, emerging technologies, manufacturing, OEM, distribution, supply chain, automotive and electrical spaces. In addition, her work within the electrical space has covered several areas including: infrastructure, industrial, services, motors, lighting, LEDs, safety, maintenance and electric vehicles (EVs).

Her work in the B2C spaces includes an impressive array of both products and services. Several of Angela’s personal favorites were in the home improvement, décor, entertainment, recreation, hospitality, health and lifestyles markets.

Additional Areas of Expertise

Committed to the continuance of professional education and lifelong learning for all ages and career levels, Angela also serves as an adjunct faculty member, trainer, instructor, and facilitator at several higher education organizations. Since 2005, she has enjoyed working with hundreds of adults in many subject areas.

She is currently working on e-learning courses and certificate offerings as well as proprietary courses under a private label for the general public. Her e-learning projects are expected to launch for both venues in the third quarter (Q1) of 2014.

Formal Education

Ms. Strosnider holds an AAB in Marketing with a focus on Global Markets as well as a BBA with specialization on Internet Marketing and New Media.


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